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Are you suffering from muscle or joint pain? Get in touch with us. At Oasis Medical Practice, we have more than 26 years of experience in providing professional physiotherapy treatments to patients in Bury. From sports injuries to muscle pain, our experienced physiotherapists and osteopaths can provide effective treatments for a range of ailments. 
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If you're looking for professional physiotherapists for the treatment of your shoulder pain or muscle pain, feel free to contact us. We provide treatments for sports injuries and specialist physiotherapy services for all age groups. We have a team of experienced osteopaths and physiotherapists who can provide comprehensive therapies and expert advice. 
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What our customers say

Claire M

I had a bad case of sciatica caused by a long term prolapsed disc and was in agony - I was taking heavy medication and decided to get in touch with Michael- I have tried all sorts of alternatives in the past but this is the only one that has ever worked for me - a couple of days after the treatment I was pain free- absolutely amazing I would highly recommend this treatment and have already passed Michael s number around thank you so much !

Julie M

Michael and Jenny are fabulous when I first attended the clinic I was unable to walk but after the fantastic treatment I received I was able to walk home. I go now on a regular basis and haven’t had any trouble with my back since a wonderful job. Would highly recommend. 

Christine R

I contacted Michael Taylor when I developed an upper back, shoulders and neck problem which was so bad I was struggling with my mobility and sleeping with the pain and stiffness. I decided I needed help as soon as possible. Michael took a thorough history before starting to work on me. Michael was able to advise me on some exercises to do at home which I followed diligently. I am amazed how much mobility I have been able to regain and I am now having no disturbed sleep! I know the signs not to ignore and if they return I have no hesitation in contacting Michael before they worsen. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael for treatment.

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